Which mint do you use?


There is a big variety of different mints which includes cross-bred mints, and ones that are more similar. Common to them all is that they do not (entirely) taste the same. I therefore set myself to examine the mint I like best, seen on taste, smell, and reproduction. In the past few months I have collected the various mints I passed, which means in this post I address the following mints: Moroccan mint, Swiss mint, mint and Kruse Garterens mint.
Moroccan Mint:
When purchased at the store, is often quite tenuous in its flavor and without vigor. After a month in the window with potting soil and light, one obtains, however, a stronger mint flavor. Visually, one of the nicest mints if you ask me.
Swiss mints:

A mint with smooth leaves, and as time goes by when its planted, the leaves turn more and more purple on the underside. Each blade has a very intense flavor, as if there is more oil in the mint in relation to other varieties of mint. It grows incredibly quickly, and clearly is the easiest mint to have in the window garden.

The classic mint, often cheap in the city, due to being the most widely used mint in wholesale joint, that the mint bars and cafes are buying. Grows easily and quickly, but is hard to find as a pot plant in retail trade.

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Gardeners mints:
When its bought in the shop, it is very fragile and is not particularly strong in taste or smell. After a few weeks of transplantation it is still a weakling, which I can not get as much life in. The taste is more anonymous, and is used to make a mojito.

Nutritional information per 100g: (which is very mint)
Energy: 70 kcal
Protein: 3.8 g
Carbohydrate: 14.9 g
Fat: 0.94 g
Dietary Fiber: 8.0 g

Which mint is best?
It is certain that the flaccid “Gartner mint” comes last on the list but the last three are all good. I like the Swiss mint especially, for its easy just to grow and spreads like lightning speed. One can easily get to use a lot of mint, which obviously a relevant factor too. But I am not so crazy about the slippery leaves, which are rather like decorations, so I prefer to use Moroccan mint. I have mixed the moroccan mint with experience when it comes to reproduction. It may go a little slow.


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