Make crushed ice quickly and easily


Crushed ice can be created in many ways, ranging from ice bag to animal monsters that can be crushed kilos in seconds. This article is a little trick I use if I need relatively much ice cream in a small privatbar.

You will need 3-4 medium-sized freezer bags to make one portion of crushed ice. Fill a freezing bag with water, c. ½ liter and tie a knot. Do not get too much air in the bag, and freeze the bag until you have a large lump of ice, preferably as flat as possible.

Then met the frozen bag in the 2-3 inch freezer bags, and tied a customer of the outer bag. Now you throw the bag as hard as you can on the floor (one that can withstand impact, possibly outside) and repeats the process until you’ve portion of crushed ice. Be aware of your own feet and even 2-3 bags may well go to pieces before the result is quite optimal. Alternatively you can let the ice defrost for 30-60 minutes before you crush it, so you can save on plastic consumption.Disregarding freeze time so you can make enough crushed ice to 5-6 mojitos in under one minute. It’s quite nice!Picture Guide:


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