If you are looking for some good cocktails, then it is not the designed cafe Yggdrasil you should go for. It is my conclusion after a visit earlier this week.

Cafén which incidentally is really nice arranged otherwise has a nice bar, with many good bottles on the shelves. Unfortunately, the drinks list as it is today uninspired and standard.
Drinks card consists of:
Caipirinha, Pina Colada, Mojito, Frozen strawberry daiquiri, Raspberry Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Harvey wallbanger all costs 75 kr, while Long Island Iced Tea is located at 125 kr
Harvey Wallbanger is served by Gomme and grenadine, which gives a slightly sweet taste and flavor of Galliano disappears in sweetness …

One can always discuss which recipes are the best at these classic drinks, ie. a Piña Colada with coconut syrup or a Harvey Wallbanger with grenadine is not top class and it can be tasted. It seems to me like Yggdrasil wants to be more then they, whichs is sad, because the place is damn right delicious decorated. About the food is good, I will not speak on that, I only came to taste the drinks list;-)


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