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Copenhagen is the cultural center of Scandinavia, and this you can also sense when you look at the various cocktail bars which are to be found in the Danish capital. In recent years, especially Danish and skandinavieske ingredients has been a repeater in terms in of cocktails

We have made a top 5 list of the bars we recommend you visit if you get past Copenhagen:

Top 5:

1. Rubys
A cozy cocktail bar in Nybrogade in the heart of Copenhagen. This cocktailbar is on Condé Nast Traveler exclusive international list of hottest bars and have also both been nominated in the category Best Cocktails city and town Best Operator for AOK’s major awards in 2007.

2. Salon 39
Elegant and charming Salon 39 is a bit of themselves in Frederiksberg, yet still full houses every weekend, and is a favorite among the city’s cocktail bartenders when they themselves must have a good drink. Bartender Terkel Kleist, who has been behind the bar for three years, says his bar manager “makes the city’s best cocktails – all without competition.”

3. Brass Monkey
The city’s only tiki bar with fun skull mug, a huge selection of rum and bowler with fire in. Should it be festive mood and entertaining guests combined with top quality cocktailmixning, it’s here. Brass Monkey opened by the people behind Salon 39

4. 1105
An elegant and classic bar with dim lighting in the inner city, a little secret located and with fabulous Gromit, Copenhagen’s most famous star-tender, behind the bar. Here you will also find Hardeep Rehal, who won the championship in Cocktail 2009 with its Cucumber Yum Yum. Visit the bar here,

5. K bar
Kirsten the woman behind K Bar is famous for its crisp service and her ability to see what guests really wants – even it they do not ask for, and what they do not know they want – before they get it.


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