This is my first post here at DrinksMeister, so I’d better start to recommend one of my competitors here in Aarhus, so you don’t believe that I am just here to promote myself.

SideBar is a really nice cocktail bar, located at the end of School street in Aarhus C. SideBar serves as restaurant during the day and develop into cocktail bar during the evening and is open Monday-Saturday.

SideBar can accommodate 150-200 people, spread over 2 floors with a bar on both. Once you see the bar, you know that Chris (the owner), has a working knowlegde of which products are worth pouring into your cocktail. It will work quickly and efficiently, but with a smile and a cocky comment now and then, but you’ll have a chat about their cocktails, take in there one day’s night, when there is so busy, they are more than willing to tell you a little about everything.

The reason for choosing SideBar, rather than so many other places, is the wide range of cocktails (about 120 different), and the quality and their slightly different cocktails. Prices are like so many other places 11-26 dollars, plus additional if you want the finer spirits than their “standard”.

Since this is my first post, I have unfortunately not managed to get pictures taken from down there, but I hope that these may come at a later date. However, I will just throw a few recommendations that from what I’ve tried down there so far.

Biscuits and ice: Delicious “milkshake” with vodka, Bols cocoa oreo cookies and vanilla ice cream – I have so far recommended it to all friends who have visited the place and they’ve been crazy about it!

Frozen Grasshopper: Again a “milkshake”, I generally just love this blend of mint Bols, Bols cocoa and milk. It’s like drinking Italian mint ice cream.

Amnesia: Only because they have humor enough to reserve the right to throw your stiff ass out after consuming this drink with this 10 cl alcohol.

Bloody Mary: Normally I’m not much for this cocktail, but at SideBar makes the words a little extra out of it, which means that I come again and again just this. For the first they make their own tomato juice with a little seasoning, which unfortunately is still a secret, yet it is clear to see that the exchange celery and tabasco out with horseradish, which tastes brilliant!

More cocktails’ll be notified when I look over again, but definitely a place worth recommending!


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