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Yesterday I wrote a little about the SideBar, so today I can allow myself to mention my work in Aarhus, Fidel. Fidel is as the name suggests a Cuban inspired cocktail bar where rum is used in many of their drinks and the mojitos are one of the house’s major ones. The bar is located on Åboulevarden, right in between Gaz Station and Bodegaen and is open Thursday-Saturday, plus up to the holidays, football games, etc.

Fidel is one long bar, with all 7 workstations, so Saturday night, there are plenty of talented bartenders to serve the masses, as on busy nights to count 250-300 people. The Barchef is Chris and is usually the first thing you bump into when he works in front of the entrance and almost always stands flairing. Chris has over 10 years experience as a bar manager and has worked throughout the world, therefore it is him to go to (not me), if I really have to be clever cocktails, he has mastered it!

I can recommend Fidel’s as hot as I recommended SideBar yesterday, the standard of their cocktails are just as high, they have an almost equally large selection of cocktails (88 on the menu, plus a little extra in my head) – prices are at 75 – 125 dollars, plus you can order your spirits in the individual cocktails for 20-40 dollars, an inexpensive way to upgrade its Mojito is to order a mojito royal, where you get 7 year Havana Club and topped with cava, for 5 crowns further, compared to the standard mojito. But it must not say that I’ve said

The selection of cocktails, everything from the classics; Sidecar, Old Fashioned, Tom Collins and Long Island Iced Tea – to the more exotic; 9 different mojitos, caipirinha, Piña Colada, Passionada, etc. – but almost anything your heart desires can be made.

A few recommendations, I will of course also come with from here, here, I have tasted some more cocktails than I have so many other places. That’s the advantage of working there.

Ginger Mojito: It is not good enough on the menu but just ask, they’ll make it. A super refreshing mojito, which is muddled fresh ginger with lime and mint, and instead of Danish water, topped with ginger ale.

Fidel’s Passionate Kiss: An incredibly fruity and nice cocktail with vanilla vodka, Passoã, Chambord, kiwi liqueur, passion puree, fresh kiwi and passion fruit and cranberry juice that muddles and then shakes – can not recommend this highly enough!

Fidel’s Special: Again, a delicious fruity cocktail, this is with dark rum, Cointreau, blueberry puree, lime and cava – sweet and fruity, where cava’en gives it a little dry, so it is not too sweet.

Long Island Iced Tea: Standard vodka, gin, light rum, tequila, Cointreau, lime and a few grooms, but for some reason it does not taste like its filled up with booze at Fidel, as it is made in large sling glass and is layered with cola both bottom and top – and then even at a very reasonable price!

White Wanker: I ordered this as late as last Saturday and loved it but now I also love milk, so alcohol and milk together is just me! Cognac, Bols dark chocolate, liqueur 43 and milk. Order me this or a white russian, I’m a happy man

I’ll recommend some of these cocktails, as I have worked my way through them. I also promise to make getting laid a few up here, so everyone can be allowed to play with them at home.


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