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As mentioned before, DrinksMeister was on a bar- and cocktail adventure in the land of opportunitues earlier this month. On this adventure DrinksMeister visited different cocktail bars and got to talk to different bartenders and bar managers about everything from trends in USA, spirits etc.

But besides the bars that has already been mentioned, Seattle offers significantly more going-out places, where cocktails are still served by the highest of standards. We have listed some of the different cocktail bars in Seattle.

Art Lounge
Savour refreshing cocktails, delightful fine dining selections from a seasonal menu – and pristine views of Puget Sound at ART Restaurant and Lounge in downtown Seattle near Pike Place Market.
Unwind with a handcrafted cocktail, sample our creative approach to classic bar food and converse with friends, family or colleagues — all in a modern setting with Northwest-inspired details.

Ba Bar
Unforgettable experience.. It’s difficult to describe the Vietnamese restaurant differently.
Even though it can be difficult to imagine the traditional American cocktails mixed with the more modern trends and once again mixed with the Vietnamese style. If you enter Ba Bar you’ll quickly experience a comfy and safe atmosphere, where the scents mixes by the Vietnamese kitchen and the fragrance of the apple brandy and basil.

Happy hour starts at 3 pm every day with a cocktail menu filled with unique cocktails; Saigon Julep with apple brandy, basil and syrup from sugar canes, will keep you refreshed on the hot days, while Hung Hero made with golden rome, Benedictine, black pepper syrup and lime will kick start your senses

It was in Ba Bar among others, that DrinksMeister had the possibility to have a “short” conversation with the bar manager Jonathan, about the development of the American bartending culture and which trends that are progressing and which that are declining. It was this “small” conversation, that ended up lasting more than 4½ hours. Time flies when having fun! 🙂 You can read about the different trends here: Trends Of America!

Offhand the place does not look that special, but as soon you step inside and look around you feel the atmosphere from a former century.
The decor is baroque and the entire place makes you sense the “old” style embracing you. Many hundreds of different spirits placed on shelves makes the room even more unique.

After being introduced by Jonathan, the bar manager of Ba Bar, to the bartender in charge at Canon that day, I got to look around. I was like a child in a candy store – it is not likely that a better metaphor exists. They had spirits and varieties I did not know existed.
Canon is a whiskey- and bitter cocktail bar and this was very noticeable. Besides that it fits the mood just perfectly, the wooden interior and the entire atmosphere, it was also obvious from the never ending shelves with different whiskeys, bourbons, rye etc. Besides this, they had no less than 32 different bitters, where other bars at most use 3-4 different varieties, all 32 of these where often in use.

Se also: How to make an Old fashioned drink

Rob Roy
Rob Roy is probably one of the best cocktail bars you can find in USA. Besides that their cocktails are made with precision they are also made the old fashioned way. If you go to Rob Roy you will really get to experience what ‘old fashioned’ really means!

As taken right out of the 1960’s Playboy Club or an episode of Mad Men, Rob Roy has black leather couches, thick, black seats in the bar and even a padded (p)leather wall in one side. Other Swinging Sixties design elements include a shale stone wall behind the bar, an eagle head mounted on another wall and a corner stuffed with piles of vinyl and a record player. It is both hip and good humored, with smart elements like the bathroom graffiti consist off cocktail recipes instead of dirty limericks. 


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