Make your own spicy shot


It is actually quite easy.

Make your own shot - with a spicy ginger taste

Make your own shot – with a spicy ginger taste

Since I am a big fan of especially ginger and mango, I combined the two together with fresh chilli and a little light agave syrup. The last one can be replaced by acacia honey. It gives a shot which is strong, fresh but it still a little round in flavor. My experience says that about. 40-50% of those who taste this shot, think its perfect. The rest dont like it. So remember that 🙂

Tired of schnapps-shot 

1 bottle vodka (Cuba Pure used in the absence of any better – think a russian stanard had been optimal)

  • 3-4 oz Monin Mango Syrup
  • Ginger
  • Chili
  • Lighting agavesirup / acacia as needed.

Peel the ginger and wash the chilies. Cut into small pieces and boil with syrup and a little extra water. Taste along the way, and when
taste is sufficiently strong and slightly sharp – it’s ready. Si ginger and chili from (if you do not want it to affect the flavor more like that) and pour into a 1-liter bottle. Wait until it has cooled a little, and then pour a bottle of vodka on top in. Shake well and taste perhaps. with a little sweet. For me the best shot, a shot is designed to cleanse the mouth – but at the same time taste good and have a nice long finish. This shot warms the throat for a long time – but due to the sugar is a round and not sharp aftertaste. It makes a big difference in my eyes.


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