There are several ways to make mandarin juice. If you have a juice machine then it’s simple. It will remove the skin and core in order to blend the remaining flesh, and you can then sieve the liquid flesh if you want. For this cocktail, there is enough juice in a tangerine that you can always just do it by hand. When you have the pure juice, you can then add juice or flesh from other fruits or vegetables to get different flavors depending on what kind of cocktail you want to make. Mandarin and ginger is worth a try. 

Ingredients for a cocktail with mandarin.
1 1/3 oz Calle 23 tequila
2/3 oz Coffee liqueur
2 2/3 oz Mandarin juice
1 teaspoon Brown sugar
Crushed ice

Mandarin Cocktail

This cocktail has no name as far as I know. It is a tequila cocktail. It used to scare most because we all associate tequila with something disgusting that just had to be overcome by adding salt and lemon to it. This tequila is a fantastic tequila which has a soft taste, and the sour in the mandarin goes well with it to give the cocktail a good mix of the soft tequila and sour mandarin. The coffee liqueur and brown sugar gives the cocktail a dark depth of sweetness. The mandarin also gives one acidity but also the fresh flavor of the fruit, not least of all the natural fruit sweetness that makes the tangerine juice connect all the ingredients for a lovely fresh cocktail.

Bonus for mandarin enthusiasts
Many confuse mandarins with clementines, which is understandable, but the difference is not so great. Clementine is a mandarin-black. Clementines were found in 1890 and became known as the rockless tangerine, which according to EMU, National Educational Portal, is partially incorrect because of there are seeds in a clementine and no seeds in a mandarin-black.

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• A clementine often has fewer seeds than a tangerine.
• A clementine is often sweeter than a tangerine.
• A clementine is generally a little harder to peel than a tangerine.
• They are healthy and contain the same amount of Vitamins A and C.
• The white tissue between trash and pulp in a tangerine and clementine called albedo.


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