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A New Category of mixers has seen the light of day. Slow Cow is coming to Europe.

Slow Cow is a Brand, which is huge overseas, and which we predict will have the same effect, if not bigger here in Europe.

Slow Cow is a “Relax Drink”, because of the natural ingredients and the right combination it have a relaxing/calming effect on the body while a refreshing, stimulation effect on your mind.

Overseas it is only used as a wellness drink, but in Europe they want to brand is all around; Fitness centers, Stores, bars, Disco’s and so on.


In a Cocktail or drink Slow cow has a surprisingly good effect and taste. When you use it in a cocktail as a mixer, you don’t get its own taste in as a interference, like OJ, whish has a strong taste. If you use Slow Cow, the first you taste is the spirit and other ingredients. It’s the aftertaste whish is dominated but Slow Cow.

It´s an effect this bartender has been waiting for, Because Slow cow has that effect, you can really taste the spirits in its full potential

For now, it will only come in Denmark, but DrinksMeister knows from trustworthy source, that it will come to the UK aswell
You can read more about the product on the official sites:

With Slow Cow, there are many  Drinks and Cocktail opportunities, here we have established a few delicious drinks that we recommend.But besides these there are a lot more recipes to find on DrinksZonen.

  • Holy Cow
    • 2/3 oz Vodka
    • 2/3 oz Rum
    • 1 1/3 oz Galliano
    • 2/3 oz Monin lime cordial
    • Topped with SlowCow
  • Slow Passion
    • 1 oz Vodka
    • 1/3 oz Monin Passion
    • 1/3 oz Monin Rose
    • Topped with SlowCow
  • Chilling in Cannes
    • 1 1/5 oz Gin
    • 1/5 oz Chambort (or berry liqour)
    • 2/3 oz Raspberry liqour
    • 1/3 oz Monin passion
    • 1/3 oz Monin Lime
    • 1/3 oz Monin Gomme
    • Topped with SlowCow


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