Golden Havana


Here’s a little treat which I and a good friend came up with when we recently did a ginger beer taste test, which will soon come online. After having tasted the different beers we wanted to try them in drinks and came particularly Until this delicious one: D This builds on Mojito design, yet nothing in common with what it regards ingredients.

I love playing with two differential Kinds oft ingredients and try to create a newtaste experience. For this drink, I mixed a few different flavors together to get an optimal summer drink as possible. By combining the acidity of the Lime, the sweetness from the orange, the lovely aroma of a Dark Havana Rum and thenespecially ginger, I arrived at this delicious drink, which I know I am going to drinkmany of the coming summer.


Golden Havana:
3 lime slice
3 orange both
2 harsh sugar
2 oz Havana 7
crushed ice
Ginger beer

I want to thank Casper Hansson, for the contribution 😀


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