Robbie williams new favorit cocktail


Robbie Williams, Mario Hofferer and James Bond – the new trio for style and indulgence

Klagenfurt native Mario Hofferer and his team create luxurious coffee for Robbie Williams.
(Paris/Klagenfurt/Marbella) Behind closed doors at the venerable Palais des Musées d’art in Paris, Robbie
Williams presented his new James Bond TV advertisement for “Café Royal”, including a song, to hand-picked
members of the international press.

Mario Hofferer and his team, among others, contributed significantly to the sophisticated presentation in the
Palais Tokyo. “Preparing for this performance took us a long time, we had to innovatively transform Robbie’s
ideas and requirements in conjunction with “Café Royal” and in secret. The client’s number one demand was that
it remain top-secret”, said the cocktail world champion. The Carinthian bar crew created an innovative beverage
concept for the 17-time Brit Award winner which unites kitchen, bar and coffee. During his interview with
Hofferer, in any case, the British singer could be seen tasting the Cuban “Latte Mojito” with 24 carat gold, served
in a hand-made MH glass.

Mario Hofferer is by no means an unknown entity in the international event arena, having made a resounding
name for himself with his meticulous passion for the bar and consistent top quality. “My crew and I always set
the highest demands for ourselves, which is reflected in our elaborate catering productions. Also we have held
the title of state bar-keeping champions for many years in Carinthia, and we’re always landing on the podium in
world championships. You’ve just got to be proud of a team like this”, says the charming Klagenfurt native, who
now operates his international catering headquarters out of Marbella.

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Just in time for Christmas, the 31-year-old world-class bartender also presented his charity initiative “007 – In
the service of good taste”, in which Hofferer and his crew are collecting money for needy people during their
catering events. Authentically shot by Spanish GQ star photographer Eduardo Soria with a James Bond
helicopter and Aston Martin, the cocktail charity promotion is already off to a good start. The finale for this year’s
donations marathon will take place on New Year’s Eve in Loipersdorf.


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