The Glassology by Libbey design contest – a new dawn for bartending competitions


The bar industry is changing rapidly and with it bartending contests evolve to a new level. For ages bartenders competitions like Bacardi Legacy and Diageo World Class were the status quo, it’s glassware brand Libbey that challenges drinks professionals in a new and different way. In the European Glassology by Libbey design contest it’s not the drink, but the glass as an essential ingredient of the whole drinking experience that is the focal point of the competition. On the 28th of September the Glassology by Libbey design contest takes off with online admissions. Eight months later, in April of 2016, six finalists will take the stand with the chance to have their glass design taken into production.

High-end coffee lounges, speak-easy cocktail bars and ‘haute-hospitality’ drinks are currently flooding the capitals of Europe. Bartenders create their own spirits, acquire unique garnishes and the selection of the right glass has become equally important as the perfect ingredients. The lover of the high-quality drink is not just looking for an excellent cocktail or a good cup of coffee anymore, but for a drinking experience that boggles the mind. The world of European bartenders is evolving at the speed of light and with it a new dawn is breaking for their notorious contests.

The Olympians compared their strength at the mountain Olympus; the gods of the drinks industry have been competing for ages in prestigious cocktail contests. Glassware brand Libbey takes the next step with The Glassology design contest. Libbey raises the bar for the very best professionals working in the bartending scene, when they get the opportunity to leave their mark on the bartending industry; to create not only a drink, but a drinking experience that remains long after the last sip of the cocktail.

With the Glassology contest bar professionals from all over Europe get invited to compete over an eight-month period for one of the coveted spots in the finals, which will be held in April 2016. They will create their ultimate glassware design that will lift a reinvented cocktail, their newest boozy creation or just a cup of coffee to a whole new level. One of the six finalists will earn global recognition, as the winning glass design will be taken into production to be sold all over the globe by Libbey later that year. The first round starts the end of September, in January the selected drinks professionals will participate in a Glassology master class. These new Glassologists will be able to finalize their design to enter the final selection round in their claim to fame.

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The Glassology design contest challenges professionals working in the scene with a passion for developing, creating and offering the ultimate drinking experience for high-level guests. Libbey will not just separate the great bartenders from the true drinks professional, but will separate the drinks professionals from the real masters.

About Libbey
Since 1818 Libbey has been the glassware brand for professionals. Libbey produces glass tableware in 5 countries and sells their products in over 100 countries. More than 1 billion pieces are produced and sold every year. The Libbey brand is an authentic brand that feels very strongly about quality and is known for its durability. Libbey offers the most extensive line of glassware in the industry to serve all the needs of each market. Professionals choose Libbey, because they can spend an entire career trusting on the glassware. That’s where Libbey’s pay-off comes in: Libbey for life!

About Glassology by Libbey
The selection of the right glass has become equally important as the drink it contains. That is why glassware brand Libbey introduces those who work in the high-end drinks industry to Glassology by Libbey. Glassology separates drinks professionals from masters; it provides them a worldwide society and an online community that helps them move further, learn, connect, meet up with peers and get inspired. They are invited to participate in the Glassology design contest, with the chance to have their own glass design taken into production. With Glassology they enter a new guild. Because in the end, it’s the glass that brings it all together.

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