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Cognac fair in Malmö(Sweden)

Now is the one exhibition successfully completed, but now is the next on the track, this time is the focal point of Cognac. D.

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April 14 to 16 it is possible to get to Cognac fair in Malmö(Sweden) and here it will be possible to experience different cognac house’s products, so it is definitely candy for all of us brandy geeks.
Besides getting a treat for the palate, it will be possible to see and hear about the latest products in the market. On this link you can see who is going to be present at the fair, link

During the fair it will be able to participate in two cognac competitions, pre-dinner & “trendy” competition. You can read more about the competition itself and the demands on this link


DrinksMeister shall naturally with – and will in the coming weeks bring a lot of articles and interviews from the fair. We welcome any recipes from bartenders participating at the fair, so people can get a better idea of what English barman are playing with the currently

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