Mango is believed to originate from India and has been cultivated there for more than 6000 years. Today it is cultivated in almost all tropical and subtropical countries and there are more than 1000 species.
Mango is located, along with apples and bananas, among the most eaten fruit in the world.
Mango is a stone fruit, which may vary greatly. The ripe fruit can be both greenish, yellowish and reddish. The aromatic flesh is yellow and contains 15-20% sugars.
In the middle of the fruit is a large flat, hard stone, which does not come loose from the meat, but must be cut free. The smooth leathery skin is not eaten.

A ripe mango should give shaped light touch and smell stronger than an unripe mango. The ripe fruit can have small black spots on the skin, which is not bad, but indicates a high sugar content.