Melons are classified into two main groups, sugar melons and watermelons. At Sugar melons are the cores in the middle, as we know it from honey, Galia and cantaloupmelon. In watermelon sits nuclei in the flesh, if not stone free.
Melons are great thirst extinguishers in the hot summer months, due to their high water content.
In contrast to other melons may honningmelonen continue to develop and mature flavor post-harvest.
It is believed that the melon comes from Asia Minor. It is found drawings of melons on murals from year 2400 BC Also in the Bible refers to the round, juicy fruits.

Cantaloupe has a light lemon yellow color and the shape is generally oval-shaped, but may also be round. The flesh is white and may appear slightly transparent. The taste is mild and sweet with a slight aroma of honey.