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DrinksMeister offers talented bartenders their own blog here on DrinksMeister.

If you are an experienced bartender (or a UKBG member) you can apply for a blog on  and get the opportunity to share your knowledge and passion with our +14.000 monthly visitors.

The benefit for you is that you have a blog running in 5 minutes and pay no hosting or other fees. Since DrinksMeister is a gathering point for other talented bartenders and altogether a portal for drinks, your blog will be well exposed in Google as well as on – and provide you with a bigger audience.
Use the blog to brand yourself, become a better bartender and contribute to the British cocktail culture!

You decide completely by yourself what should appear on your blog as long as you comply with The British legislation.

Participate in flavor tests and competitions:
Since we at DrinkMeister want to build a network of professional competencies within the bartender’s world, we offer the bartenders to participate in competitions and flavor tastings, so you can expand your horizons and simultaneously meet people just like you.

How to apply:
Send an email to and with your contact information as well as your employer.
It’s a good idea to write a short description of yourself and just get in to why drinks & cocktails is your passion.

Bartenders who today have their own DrinksMeister blog:
Bo Tranberg
Mathias Trier
Theis Grundtvig
Zander L. Hansen

Old time bartender from Denmark. Owner of DrinksMeister112 Articles