Contact with the bartenders and managers in England and around the world.
As an advertiser with DrinksMeister you will be directly in contact with hundreds of bartenders, managers and bar / cafe owners. At DrinksMeister website we have thousands of views per month.

Accurate targeting of ads
We can help you tailor your campaign to hit accurately with just your message. We place your online advertising directly on the categories that best suits your products. You are always welcome to contact our sales department for more information or set up a meeting.



Product information:
Is your product missing in our product catalog? Depending on the product, the content etc. We can add it for free. Just send us an email.

Sponsored blogs:
Get a get own sponsored blog, where you will be able to promote your product, site or event. The sponsored blog will be on our page forever, and be on our mainpage aslong as it is naturally their.

Int. sponsored blogs:
Beside having your sponsored blog on our english page, you can also have get it on our German and Danish(biggest bartender magazine in Denmark) page.